Wordrix (WP7)

Wordrix on Windows Phone – Mini Review

When anyone thinks of Windows Phone gaming they tend to think of Xbox LIVE, however that is only a small part of the gaming story. There are vast quantities of great games to be had on the “Indie” channel, where the only difference is the price and lack of Achievements.

From this great selection of games one for me has risen to the top and that game is Wordrix.

The premise of this game is simple and anyone who has played boggle and/or scrabble (who hasn’t played scrabble, seriously?) before will know it well. You will have to find words from a selection of letters each of which has a point value, the more points the better after all bigger is always better right? 😛

You are presented at the start of each game with a 5 x 5 grid of letters and 2 minutes of time.

From this you start to make up words, easy huh? woah there though, no rushing in. The magic of this game comes from the grid of letters refreshing itself each time you find a word. The letters that make up the chosen word will disappear and more tiles will fall down from the top allowing you to create more words. This clever little weak lets you be more strategic, if you think you have found a long word but are missing a letter simply clear some tiles and hope for the letter to drop in next time.

However, you are constrained by that 2 minute timer so don’t spend the whole game waiting out for that magic word. All too soon you will be hearing the beeps of the 10 second counter as you rush to grab as many words before time is up.

There are daily, weekly and personal leaderboards too to keep track of your progress and compare yourself against the competition, just watch out for Alyxx (the games maker) though I’m sure he cheats 😉

This is one seriously addictive game that will keep you coming back time and time again for more. Soon you too will find yourself saying “just one more game”.

The main game takes place in the Arena which is the online mode, but if you are like me and commute to work where online isn’t an option there is no need to worry. The game also boasts 2 offline game modes: Classic Race the Clock and Score Sprints where you can hone your skills in becoming a word ninja before getting back online and opening up a can of whoop-ass!

What more can I say really, this is one great game that I would encourage everyone to download and give a try. Priced at only 0.79p/0.99c it is a bargain and for those frugal types out there you can pick up the free ad-supported version. As I have been told before, the best things in life are free yeah?

Download now and see you on the Leaderboards, but just make sure you are under my score please!


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